Sunday, October 23, 2011

BIS - Scientist 'B' Written Exam Questions

Today (Sunday Oct 23, 2011) I have given the exam of Bureau of Indian Standards for the post of Scientist - 'B'.
Here are some of the questions which I remember from it:-

Computer Engineering Section
  1. If a Non-Finite-Automata (NFA) has N states then what are the number of states will its minimized Definite-Finite-Automata will have ? 
  2. How many test cases of robustness are possible for the function with 2 variables?
  3. What is the probability that the divisor of 10^99 is the multiple of 10^96?
  4. How many substrings of 00 this automata will hold (0+1)*0(0+1)*0(0+1)* ?
  5. Solve T(1) = 1 and T(n) = 2 + (n-1) + n where n >= 2 
  6. A fair dice is rolled 360 times find out the range of probability of getting '6' on the face 70 times?
  7. What are the state of 2-SAT and 3-SAT problems are they NP-Complete ?
  8. A LAN is 2 Kilometers long and has the bandwidth of 10^7 and is using CSMA/CD the signals travels inside it with the speed of 2 X 10^8 mts/sec what it the minimum packet size ? 
  9. What is Ackerman's Function ?
  10. To solve the root of 13 and find the value after one iteration using Newton Raphson Method.
  11. What is the high level abstraction over Semaphore ?
  12. Using boolean rules simplify x'y' + xy +x'y ? 
  13. Solve finite integral - Integration [0, Pie/4] ( 1 - Tan X ) / (1 + Tan X) dx = 0.
  14. A 6 MHZ channel used by digital signaling system utilizing 4 level signals, what is the maximum possible transfer value ? 
  15. What is the value of i when i = (++i) / (i ++) ; with initial value of 5 ?
  16. An double dimensional integer array in 'C' S[6][6] was filled like - 
          for ( i = 0; i < 6; i++  )
                for ( j = 0; j < 6; j++) { s[i][j] == (i+j)%6; }

          then what is the value for S [ S[5][3] ] [ S[1][3] ] = ?          

All of the above questions gives you the glimpse of the paper and also signifies that it covers almost all the questions of computer engineering course, mainly the paper seen by me in this discipline is flooded with Digital Systems questions on combination circuits , Signals and Systems, Binary conversions with 2's complement, LAN subnet questions max (8-9 questions), Data Structures questions from Binary tree, BST and AVL Tree with few questions on sorting also, Compiler based conceptual questions on Linkers and Loaders, algorithms with minimum spanning trees and shortest path methods, Operating Systems questions like reading disk, paging, addressing memory etc.

General Knowledge, Reasoning and General English Section 

  1. When was Magna Carta signed in England ? 
  2. When is world health day celebrated ?
  3. Where will the summit of NAM in 2012 will held ? 
  4. Which country is the largest producer of wheat?
  5. Which emperor built GT roads in India?
Question in these three sections were easy and requires a fair general knowledge to do the best, 10 questions were of English comprising of synonyms and antonyms checking sentences with errors and filling the appropriate words in the blanks. reasoning was like also easy with some positions and blood relations questions.

Thats all folks, I hoped it may give you the fair idea about how to give the exam in future, if you are motivated towards it.

Good Luck ... All the best
- Bharat Verma 
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